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Our OTP Solutions

Verify OTP

The prevalence of communication between machines has been growing rapidly, especially with the large number of machine-to-machine communications that are generated from data exchange and IOT.

Seeing this market need, Commsol developed a product to support inter-machine communication, with the Verify OTP service.


Verify OTP aims to provide OTP so that communication between machines is more secure with a One-Time Password that needs to be verified between one machine and another so that communication or data exchange can take place safely.

Verify OTP uses quite advanced technology as well as a fairly strict and well-organized communication protocol.

Verify OTP uses the OTP concept as a key for verification and also coordination between machines to ensure that only machines that are intended to communicate with each other can communicate with each other.


Verify OTP with machine-to-machine communication is crucial as OTP sending process must be very fast, true and accurate. Automation is very influential to minimize human error and fulfill the required speed and accuracy.

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