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Cheap Calls

In this digital era, telephone through application services has replaced conventional telephone services. However, ownership of a telephone number is still an important requirement for companies, especially for office telephones. Unfortunately, the telephone system in Indonesia is very convoluted, especially with the zoning system, and changing rounding seconds.

We offer telephone service via VoIP with SIP Trunking technology which can save your telephone costs up to 90%. In collaboration with Indonesian operators, we can provide a telephone number like a telephone in general but at a much lower cost. No hassle, our rounding system is every one second and there is no zoning system in all parts of Indonesia.

Business Meeting


Cost Saving

Phone savings of up to 90% on long distance direct dial.

Our solution is very useful for those who make frequent long distance calls.

Flat Rate

You can enjoy flat rate on calling to all destinations in Indonesia on both mobile and fixed line number.

Our rate is always flat no matter if it is peak hours or during night time. 

Special Numbers

We have variety choice of numbers, and you can even choose some number criteria.

No additional charge will be put on special number requests.

Internet Based

Say good bye to fixed line cable.


All our service are based on Internet and can be accessed from anywhere as long as it has internet connection. 

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