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Cloud PBX

At this time, startups with virtual offices are constantly popping up. The desire to have an office phone is sometimes hampered by a lack of expertise in telecommunications. Unlike large offices, startups with few employees and may find it difficult to use IP PBX services with higher maintenance costs.

Cloud PBX solutions provide convenience for customers. With only an application on a mobile phone, or relying on an internet browser, clients can access the same features as an IP PBX. Cloud PBX is also more cost friendly for small companies with less employee. 

Modern Office

our features

Free Internal Calls

No Charge on Extension to Extension Calls

Call reporting

Detailed report on calls statistics can be provided

Call forwarding

Forward calls to other extensions for follow up

Interactive voice response

Put a recording to greet your guests before they are connected to your agent.

Call recording

Record calls to monitor your agents' performance

Call conference

Invite other extensions to join your call


In the era where mobility is the core of everything, businesses need to adapt. 

Now you can call from anywhere with low call rates, whether you have multiple offices or work mobile. This service includes features such as: Interactive Voice Response, Auto Call Distribution, Auto Recording System, Live Monitoring by supervisors, and many others.

Our Cloud PBX is the ideal solution for Work from Home policy.

Why use this service?

Internet Based

No landline and telephony cable needed. The system will operate using Internet. 

Enable the use of VoIP technology to save cost.

No Installation

No hardware installation and investment needed. Everything are software based and can be controlled remotely.


No scalability limit as everything is cloud based and extension can be added very quickly.


The system is integrated with applications in your phone and laptop, hence you can use the service from anywhere.

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