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An office must have many employees, but only want to have one office number. PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) allows one number to be used by many people at the same time.

IP PABX itself is an upgrade from conventional PABX. Instead of using landline telephones, IP PABX uses internet services to connect to operators. Employees can use this service via IP Phone, as well as more modern equipment such as laptops and smart phones.


Free Internal Calls

No Charge on Extension to Extension Calls

Call reporting

Detailed report on calls statistics can be provided

Call forwarding

Forward calls to other extensions for follow up

Interactive voice response

Put a recording to greet your guests before they are connected to your agent.

Call recording

Record calls to monitor your agents' performance

Call conference

Invite other extensions to join your call


Internet Based

No landline and telephony cable needed. The system will operate using Internet. 

Enable the use of VoIP technology to save cost.

Easy Installation

Easier installation as there is no land line dependency


Just buy a  new Ip Phone or make new installation on your PC/phone and you got a new extension.


The system is integrated with applications in your phone and laptop, hence you can use the service from anywhere.

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